Curved Glass


Curved Laminated

Curved Laminated is a Safety Glass in which two pieces of curved glass are permanently bonded together with a PVB interlayer. Curved Laminate is designed to hold together in case of breakage. All of our laminated curves meet the safety requirements specified by AS/NZS 2208:1996 (Safety Glazing in Building).

Laminating can be clear or translucent and is mainly used with commercial and architectural applications. Both the glass and interlayer are available in virtually any thickness. Laminated Curved Glass is ideal for any situation in which safety is of paramount concern.

Curved Float

Curved Float is standard float glass and has a wide variety of applications, primarily when safety standards are not required. It is mostly used for food display cabinets, antique cabinets, shopfitting displays and windows.

Curved Double Glazed

Curved Double glazed is two curved glass panels separated by airspace which creates a barrier to reduce heat transfer. Ideal for refrigeration units and energy-rated windows, double-glazed units greatly reduce condensation and can be made with either float, toughened, or laminated curved glass.

Curved Toughened

We can supply Curved Toughened glass upon request.